These are not just your normal, run-of-the-mill touches you'll find in so many new buildings. The Avant offers amenities designed to make living downtown a truly unique and spectacular experience. Parking like never before. A water feature like never before. Spaciousness and little touches like never before. This isn’t just living downtown. This is living large downtown.

An entrance is an entrance is an entrance, right?

Not here.

At The Avant, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent wall of water feature as you approach the entrance. Designed by Blu World out of Orlando, Florida, this wall of water makes an unforgettable impression every time you approach the building.

Destined to become one of downtown Greenville’s true iconic landmarks, it’s yet another thoughtful idea that makes The Avant the most unique and special residence downtown.


If you choose to live at The Avant, you’ll enjoy the most convenient and most modern form of parking of any residential building downtown.

Working with Park Plus out of New Jersey, we’re implementing the Lift Glide system of parking, a state-of-the-art technology that allows for easy, automated multi-level parking.

This unique stacking system consists of independent platforms that enable quick and easy parking and retrieval. Its a more eco-friendly, and resident-friendly idea than you’ll find anywhere else in town.